Dress Smart Casual

Please do not wear slippers or vests.

During the competition, please respect the riders and horses by keeping noise to a minimum.

Mobile phones should be set to vibrate or mute.

No flash photography

Applause is welcome once the rider has completed his round but please do not scream or clap in order to avoid scaring horses whilst the rider is jumping.

Please do not throw any objects into the arena to avoid injuring the horse, the rider, or making the horse frightened.

In the venue, please do not carry any banners or open umbrellas except in poor weather.

Please do not approach any horse from the rear, or you will be at risk of being kicked. If with the permission of the horse owner you have the opportunity to make contact with their horse, make sure you move slowly and keep quiet.

Please take care of your children, and do not allow them to run near the arena.


Thank you for your support, and have a good time!


Failure to comply with these rules may result in the individual being removed from the venue at the OC’s discretion.

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