【2011review】 A feast of horse off the court

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      The 2011 FEI World Cup Jumping China League has already been concluded. We are attracted by excellent riders and horses in the game, and off the court, people who have a preference for horses get together to share the exciting and moving moments brought by horses.

Guo Tao said congratulations to his friend Luan Shu

the silver medalist in 120cm Horse Owner Jumping competition

        Equestrian is popular over the world, and as the highest level of the equestrian events, FEI World Cup Jumping China League drew lot of people’s attention,some art and sports stars also cheer for the equestrian events.

     In the second stop, the Olympic champion Zhong Man came and watched the game with his family. Zhong Man said, fencing was held on the horse, so fencing shared similarity with equestrian. After the game, he held his little daughter to watch the interview, and it was said that his little daughter had a natural sense of intimacy for the horse.

       Actor Guo Tao who was famous for the film Crazy Stone appeared in the national stadium on 16th. From his viewpoint, equestrian can not only be beneficial to health, but it also can exercise the will and courage of the people. He came here to feel the atmosphere as well as cheering for his friend Luan Shu.

Audience takes photo with the horse 

        In order to promote equestrian and enrich the viewing experience, the organizer set up interactive area in the second race. The audience can not only enjoy the exciting games, but they also can take photo with the horse closely. Besides, children were quite happy, when the horse entered the interactive area, even the introverted parents also showed excitement and can’t wait to take photos with the horse.

Audience were appreciating photos taken by Li Yanyang  in the National Stadium

     During the finals, editor of the famous Chinese equestrian magazine Horsemanship Li Yanyang, held a equestrian photography exhibition in the National Stadium. As the famous professional equestrian photographer in China, Li Yanyang participated in numerous domestic and international equestrian events and performances, and he took pictures for those valuable moments. Audience were attracted by wonderful games as well as the equestrian art.

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