Equestrian Sport

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questrian sport originated in the original human labor work. 680 BC, the ancient Olympic Games has a chariot race. China also has a long equestrian history which emerged at Zhou Dynasty and thrived at Tang Dynasty. Modern equestrian sport began in Europe. In 1743, the world first equestrian club was founded in Virginia, USA. In 1953, World Equestrian Jumping Championships was held for the first time and in 1966 Dressage Championships. Equestrian sport in Olympic Games includes Dressage, Eventing and Jumping.


The object of Dressage is the development of the Horse into a happy Athlete through harmonious education. As a result, it makes the Horse calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen, thus achieving perfect understanding with the Athlete.


An Eventing Competition consists of three distinct tests during which an Athlete rides the same Horse throughout, namely: Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping.


A Jumping Competition is one in which the combination of Horse and Athlete is tested under various conditions over a course of obstacles. It is a test intended to demonstrate the Horse's freedom, its energy, its skill, its speed and its obedience in Jumping and the Athlete's horsemanship. It is essential that strict and detailed JRs are established to regulate Compet

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