Who will be the “Longines most elegant lady" this year?

Time:2014-10-08 Writer:roby

In October 7th 2014, the final day of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League Final, the organizing committee set up "the Longines most elegant lady" prize specifically for the ladies who show up in the event, aimed to highlight the Longines’s idea of "elegant attitude".

The elegant ambassador of Longines - Jane Richard Philips supported the activity by showing up at the Longines exhibition booth before she started to compete in the arena. She was already dressed in her professional rider uniform, gave a bright and confident smile to the camera, and combined the glamour of feminine and elegance of equestrian perfectly, showing the unique charm of female riders.

Jane Richard Philips

Within a few hours, dozens of elegant ladies with exquisite dresses and a fashionable taste were participating in the activity.

After the judges made the final decision, Ms. Yang from Shanghai won the prize. She wore a white shirt, a dark green velvet trimmed fishtail skirt, and a light tan wide brimmed hat which reminds people of a soft lotus leaf, and all shows her outstanding elegance and her unique charm as Chinese woman.

Ms. Yang

Ms. Yang and Vice President of Longines China – Li Li

See you next year!


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