Ambassadors and stars watched the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League together

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The second leg of the 2015 Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League attracted many celebrities and diplomatic guests, including Paul Kavanagh, the Irish ambassador in Beijing, Pu Cunxin, a famous Chinese movie star, Liu Liyang, a famous singer, Ma Yanli, an Asian supermodel, Jiang Lina, the famous musician and other stars.
There were lots of wonderful performances in the second leg of the 2015 Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping- China League. In each class, excellent riders showed their skills. When the famous stars transformed into their role as audience, they were asked, how they feel about watching the equestrian games and how they think about equestrianism. Let's see the FEI World CupTM through their eyes.
Pu Cunxin said, "For me, the beauty means being young, which is related with pursuing the value of things rather than the ages. So even an eighty year old man can still be very young." Pu Cunxin added that, "I have learned to ski just four years ago, and began to ride three years ago. I think the love of sports can help me to keep a young mind. One lucky thing is that I have got such a cost-effective horse. There is a mark on its head which looks like the head of a lion. Coincidentally, I am a Leo. In order to commemorate years when I herded horses as a Zhi Ching, I called it Zhi Qing also. Actually, a scar caused by a horse is still on my foot, which can be seen as the fate of the horse and myself."
Marry Ma also showed her understanding and attitude of the equestrian sport. "This year, the people who are participating in this event are more than last year. With the popularization of horses in general, more and more people get interested in the equestrian sport. Equestrian as a beautiful sport, I am attracted by the clothing style of it. I like to enjoy the beautiful things, which is also one of the important reasons why I like the equestrian sport. The riders always show a sort of positive attitude when they are riding, as well as our in life, which is full of sunshine, full of progress."
Liu Liyang, a new generation idol, said: "it's my first time to watch the equestrian competition. I can feel that the horse plays quite an important role in the whole sport." She also said, "It is hard to take the control, because there are a variety of incidents. So it is very difficult for a rider trying to do a good performance in an uncontrollable competition. And I think the people who can do this must be wise men in life. Only by finding the harmony between human and the horse and maintaining a good state of mind they can win the competition."
Famous singer Jiang Lina believed, "The rhyme and the horse is interlinked, and I like this sport very much. Lots of friends around me ride a horse now. It is a very civilized and gentle sport. The spirit of equestrianism, in my view, is strategic, and riders need to have a kind power to conquer. In such a project, where the human needs to be matched with the horse, the rider needs to have a strong ability to adjust. Moreover, the horse is like the voice when we are singing. We need to control and to handle it. Then we can get through the breakthrough and overcome difficulties."


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