The expectation for Chinese equestrian development - interview of Scott Brash

Time:2015-11-02 Writer:admin

  On the third day of Longines FEI World Cup TM Jumping China League Final Station, Scott Brash, whose ranking keeps on the first place, contacted his riding partner first time.

  Speaking of his horse Hello Sanctos, he said, “It’s a little unfair to compare Sanctos with other horses." This sentence has already exceeded any praise. He thought the riding feeling with the horse in this event was good but they still need more cooperation to gain better performance for the final competition. In this interview, we also see the patient and love that Scott paid for his horse, that he is always happy to take time to understand each individual horse. Only the understanding and partnership has arrived a level, he the will go to the next step of training.  

  Scott also impressed by the booming development China Equestrian development in China. Not only the process of organizing the event, but also the management for hoses.

  He expressed the high expectation for Chinese equestrian development. He suggested that Chinese riders need more experience in international events, and also try more different kinds of horses, thus, the partnership between riders and horses are built quicker. He also loves teaching life, but since the career planning at this stage may focus more on competition and training.  

  Scott emphasized the significance of treating each horse as individual. Time and patience are always the key factors to bring up a top horse for jumping. “The only thing you need is taking your time, and Sanctos took me three years to bond the partnership.”

  Scott also expressed the gratitude to his team, they take care in every detail, and therefore they have one hundred percent of trust and loyalty to each other based on year’s cooperation.

  Although Scott seldom has leisure time, he is a fan of golf, which could let him enjoy another kind of sports despite he is not an expert.  We will wish Scott best luck in the coming competition.

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