The Amazing Team---French team

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In 2016 the French team broke the 40 year olympic gold medal drought and they did it in style, not only winning but finishing with 3 out of 4 riders competing. The medal had even more meaning to one rider,Philippe Rozier, this being because thast gold medal winning team included his father Jean Marcel Rozier and Uncle Hubert Parot.

Pictured: Hubert Parot, Jean-Marcel Rozier, Marc Roguet and Michel Roche

Although Rozier was on the podium for the 2016 olympics it was not his first, he also competed successfully for the french team at the 1984 Los Angeles and 2000 Sydney Olympics. Philippe was born into a busy horse family but he began riding at age 10 in Bois-le-Roi, France. He was encouraged to try the sport by his father, who was already a successful showjumping competitor.

Philippe and Father Marcel in Rio

An Olympic Family Philippe and Father Marcel

Originally Rozier went into the Rio Olympics as the 5th and reserve rider, He was a late addition to the France showjumping team after his teammate Simon Delestre's horse was withdrawn due to injury days before the start of competition.

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