The Record Collection The Official Watch of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping China Leag

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The Swiss watch brand Longines is proud to support in a long-term association the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping China League as its Title Partner, Official Timekeeper and Watch. During this show jumping competition, one of the most important equestrian event in China, Longines will be presenting the Record Collection, combining classic elegance and excellence, and aspiring to become the spearheads of the brand.

It seems the destiny of some timepieces has already been mapped out. Through its new Record collection, Longines conveys its essence; one of timeless elegance and excellence. Qualities that are sure to raise these models to the rank of future success of the brand, as a link between tradition and innovation. A decidedly classic collection, which is expressive and emblematic of Longines’ watchmaking expertise.
Behind this ambitious profile, is an exceptional heart. This heart is the balance spring, the watch’s regulating organ. Coupled to the balance, it oscillates around its equilibrium position, ensuring its fundamental purpose: to beat with extreme regularity. Yet, between magnetism, temperature variations and wear and tear (many hundreds of millions of “breaths” per year), everything seems to be working against its smooth operation. For increased accuracy and longevity, Longines decided to add single-crystal silicon balance spirals to its best movements – a resistant and light material that is inoxidizable and unaffected by standard temperature variations, magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure. A high-tech heart housed in a timepiece created in the purest watchmaking tradition!
Such excellence deserves recognition. Based on their high accuracy, all of the Record collection’s models have received the COSC’s “chronometer” certificate. Equipped with automatic calibres, all of the pieces were tested one by one by this neutral independent organization, and can thus display the CHRONOMETER label stamped on their dial. Bestowed with significant added value, these certified “chronometers” achieve the status of authentic, exceptional timepieces.

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